Jewish Social Network Iudaizm.Com

We are pleased to present you the first Jewish Social Network!
It will give a great opportunity for Jews and representatives of other nations interested in Judaism to communicate with each other. We also invite everyone who wants to find themselves and get to know more about our Jewish culture.
The aims of our project are simple and clear!

Sign up to and you’ll be able to:
* Become one of the members of our network and help to create the greatest TRUE.
* Read and discuss all the questions connected with Torah (Bnei Noah or Jews).
* Find new friends and confederates and communicate without any fear of being interrupted by anti-Semites.
* Read the articles and protected against secular ads and non kosher content.

We take care about our participants and try to make all the best to make you feel comfortable at
We are the first real kosher Jewish social network which respects Sabbath and Jewish holidays so that suspends project on working in these great days. Our members keep the order on our site in every possible way and block immediately all the attempts of anti-Semitic inroads.
Let us work together in order to study the laws for Bnei Noah!
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Of course you can wonder: why do we need Jewish social network when there are so many other major social networks?

To answer this question we need to describe what is special about for Jews and for everyone else interested in Judaism and what you can not find even in most famous social networks.
One must understand that in the new Jewish social network there are no commercial advertising and of course there are no problem with images that sometimes appear in these commercials.

Jewish social network helps to establish the contact between Jews from all around the world through a single network subject: Judaism, Jews,... and as it's already the time to reveal the light of Torah for everyone in this world (I mean seven Noahide commandments for non-Jews), the Jewish social network helps to communicate for both Jews and non-Jews who are interested in Judaism and Noahides who have already committed to these seven commandments.
By the way, there's no content that is contrary to Judaism (lots of which you can find in secular social networks) which allows you to find new friends from all over the world who you can talk about Judaism, Jewish philosophy, Zionism with, and, of course, to discuss more secular themes in within the rules of the Jewish social network
Also, the Jewish social network claims that it is the only one social network which is not working on Shabbat!
There are more interesting things to know about, but you'd better find it out by yourself: welcome to join us!